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Artisan Baked Produce

at Little Bakery in Langport

The Little Bakery in Langport is a family-owned and family-run Artisan bakery that supplies local residents and businesses in the South West with our lovingly hand-crafted, baked produce. We use the highest quality, locally sourced, and ethically produced ingredients and the care and attention that we fold, stir, and mix into every bake is evident in each bite.

Baked Produce

A Taste of Our Menu

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The Little Bakery’s specialty is our divine and highly popular Sourdough bread.


Sourdough bread is made using dough that is fermented by naturally occurring yeast rather than adding additional and unnecessary yeast to decrease proving time.

This makes it lighter to digest and gives it a beautiful authentic taste. Sourdough bread can be used in the same way as any other loaf and it will keep well in the right environment.

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In addition to specialist bread, here at The Little Bakery in Langport, we handcraft a range of pastries, pies, cakes, and savouries.


Particularly popular is our signature homemade quiche of which the exquisite taste is much owed to the spelt flour pastry which gives it a texture, unlike any standard mass-made product.

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Everything that comes out of The Little Bakery is freshly made using traditional methods that follow a proper baking process, nothing is rushed so the taste and textures are uncompromised.


Using traditional baking methods means that our specialist bread and baked goods that we offer are high-quality, with natural textures, and have the homemade taste and smell like they could have been baked in your Grandma’s oven. 

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The Little Bakery is located in Langport town centre where our customers can pre-order or pop in and grab a quick bite to eat for breakfast or lunch. The name epitomizes the business, we are a little bakery, but don’t let the name fool you, the size bears no relevance to our capabilities or services.

The seasonally inspired, mouth-watering menu changes day-to-day with delicious pastries, pies, cakes, and savouries in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

We recommend reserving your favourite treats nice and early. 


A Little About Our Bakery

The day to day running of our little bakery is commanded by myself, Mel, and my daughter and business partner Sarah, however, my husband often gets involved as does our son. On a Sunday if you look through the window you might just see me entertaining our wonderful grandchildren as they ‘play shop’ in the bakery.

The bakery goes beyond being a business for me, my love and passion for baking make it a way of life and one that I adore. 

My love for baking began when I spent four years training as a baker in Dorset. During my training, I learned all of the methods that I would need to bake beautiful artisan products.  


After working as a Chef in Sherborne, Dorset, I started working as head baker at The Little Bakery in 2018 and was joined by my daughter Sarah in 2019. The opportunity to make the bakery my own came along in 2020 and naturally I grabbed it with both flour-covered hands and something wonderful transpired with my dream of owning my own bakery finally coming true. I spend 7 days a week at the bakery and I love every second of it. 

The Little Bakery Family

Prior to working at The Little Bakery, Sarah had no previous baking experience and has been fully trained by me. Of course, always adhering to and maintaining my high standards, specialist skills, and traditional baking methods, Sarah loves being part of the business. 


Our down to earth approach coupled with a true passion for the industry and evident skill for baking has created the perfect atmosphere within the bakery. When you visit the bakery, you are made to feel like one of the family and we are always happy to accommodate any reasonable requests. 


Supporting Local Suppliers

Supporting local businesses is a big part of our ethos at The Little Bakery in Langport.

We use high-quality flour for baking from Shiptons Mill, our cheese is supplied by Longman’s Cheese in Somerset, Fenton’s Eggs supply the eggs from their farm on the Somerset/ Dorset border and all the meat is sourced from our Langport neighbours, Black Sheep Butchers. Even the Brazier coffee served from our shop is locally sourced from Wellington.

Our Events 

Artisan Bread Making 
Saturday 18th June 10:00 - 16:00

This is an exceptionally special day for the avid or aspiring home baker. A whole day under the tutelage of the Little Bakery in Langport founder, Melanie. She is taking the rare day off to spend sharing her lively personality and knowledge with a select group of 8 people in the Georgian era kitchen and pantry and New Cross Farmhouse. Guests will then enjoy a luncheon in the formal dining room and nibble on the fresh from the oven focaccia. We will then return to the kitchen to make the perfect croissants in both sweet and savoury varieties.

Click here to read more and book your place.

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